Bellasong Productions Presents Performance Workshops for Creating Artists

Styles and Foundations of
Clown/physical theater for the cross-over artist

Dates and Location will be announced soon…

Day One –  Foundations of physical theatre
Working with standard commedia scenes & scenarios the class will develop, we will cover:
Line and form
Neutral face/neutral body
Timing and breath
Size and scope
Third wall and direct address
Sound and movement
Gesture and language
Honesty/connecting with partners and the audience

Day Two – Translating original content: Using principles and styles to develop an original piece
Each student will bring a piece: Either 1-3 minutes of something you have already been developing, or 1-3 minutes of a text, poem, song, physical sequence or scenario. This material should reflect where you are now as an artist, what you want to say. Each student will develop her/his piece in various styles of physical performance. We will embellish this work with group and partner exercises.

One Day – $ 100
Both Days – $ 175

Contact:     Karen Fox

Taught by Karen Fox
Karen Fox, Artistic Director of Bellasong Productions, is a performing artist and teacher, whose work has been presented in the United States, Scotland, England and Mexico. She has worked with many inspiring people, from women in prison to members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has learned a multitude of performance and communication styles from across the globe: Bharata Natyam, clown, Commedia del Arte, mask and mime, stand-up comedy, modern dance, contemporary theatre and music, to name a few. She is an alumni of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, the National Shakespeare Conservatory and holds degrees in acting, playwrighting and directing.

“Karen Fox is one of the most creative and articulate performers I have ever worked with. I have known Karen for many years, and have worked with her on various projects since 2001.  I find that whenever she creates a project, even one that she is also writing and directing, Karen will work with all involved in a true collaboration.”
-Kathy Wimmer, Singer, Actor, Harpist, Production Unit Coordinator/Associate Producer, Public Affairs, KNME-TV

“Karen is able to work with people across cultures because of her own global perspective and creative drive that draws inspiration from messages and themes that are universal…Her strength is her ability to collaborate, inspire new ideas, push people beyond their comfort level to accomplish their goals with a great level of professionalism.”
-Rujeko Dumbutshena, Dance faculty at Sarah Lawrence College, New York, and current company member of “Fela”, off Broadway production directed by Bill T. Jones

“Her strengths are, I believe, comedy, particularly physical comedy…”
-Susan McCosker, Teacher and director, Ph.D., Department of Theater, College of Santa Fe

“Working with Karen is always a growth experience that includes dreams dreamed, challenges and epiphanies, and tasks and pains and joys sweated through with fully realized art experienced in the end. “
-Rogulja Wolf, video artist, Digital/Streaming Ops & Content Manager, Sandia National Labs


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