Update: You Must Be the Diva You Wish To See In The World

Savannah breakfast5


I hope this note finds you well and celebrating life! I have been here in northern New Mexico for two weeks! Hats off to Alessandra and Rebekah. They are sweet and helpful hostesses and I immediately was made welcome here. The trees in the mountains are changing colors. The sky is much more ebullient than I remembered (and dramatic at times). We have chickens and many bird families in the back yard, a cat and dog. The theater seems like one of those old movie houses from the early twentieth century. I’ll have to check on that. The ‘Stage’ is very high and shallow, and there is a floor area in front of it, painted black, at the audience’s level. On the grid are theatrical lights and various aerial apparatus. I have been playing on static trapeze, tissu and rope.

In my notes, I dream of a place where powerful talented and nurturing women are celebrated. They are in our history books. Larger-than-life statues, lovingly carved in their honor, dominate city plazas. Their wisdom and accomplishments encourage children and adults everywhere to strive toward an integrated and gracious life, full of adventures and creations, rich with healthy and nurturing relationships, replete with pleasures, challenges, emotions, struggles, rewards and humor, acceptance, strength and the wisdom that comes from seeing.

A year ago I started signing my emails with The Deluxe Mystery School of Feminine Wiles and Wisdom. I did not know then what it meant. Now, as I make so many substantive changes in my life, as I look at the paths I have walked, the beliefs I have questions and re-shaped… I see the the Mystery School is an idea whose time has come.

As such I would love to hear from you. In your view, what is the wisdom and what are the wiles of the feminine? Who are important female models in your life? Why? What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Write that down and share, if you wish. No matter how strange or absurd your ideas or visions may seem, I would love to hear.

Please feel free to share this post with friends and family. And check back often.

Thanks. Here’s to a beautiful and productive autumn.



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